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We protect the inventions of individuals and VSB

Invention Angels® is a network of specialists in industrial property – and particularly in the patenting of inventions – recognized and certified by national authorities

  • in France, the National Institute of Industrial Property:;
  • in Switzerland, the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property: in,…
  • and/or internationally: European Patent Office:, World Intellectual Property Organization:….

Because of their training in technical (engineers, doctors…) and legal aspects (graduates of the International Study Center for Industrial Property CEIPI, Strasbourg…), the members of the network will be able to advise you on the best way to protect your technical creations, in drafting and filing, if applicable, a patent application to your name.

They will then accompany you throughout the examination procedure until the grant of your patent.

Finally, they will also help you, if necessary, to assert your rights and to fight against the counterfeiting of your patent.


The purpose of this network is to help the independent inventors and the very small businesses (VSB) protect their technical innovations.

Entities of larger sizes are invited to consult the site

The advantages of the Invention Angels® network

Our specialists are independent and they put all their skills and long respective experiences in the field of industrial protection at your disposal, in order to help you protect your creations in the most effective manner and economically as possible.

The structure of Invention Angels® can offer you a pricing linked to your situation, as well as facilities of payment (spreading the expenditures, multiplicity of payment forms …).

What do we patent?

What can you patent?

Everything!!! Or almost… At one condition, grosso modo, that this is concrete (not an aesthetic creation, nor a theory, nor a Discovery without industrial application …) and non-excluded explicitly by the legal provisions (infringement of human dignity, public order, morality).

The following can therefore be patented:

  • Objects (watches, golf balls, packaging, material, jeans,…),
  • Products (chemical, drugs, biochemicals,…),
  • Devices or machinery (mechanical, electronic,…),
  • Systems (mechanical, electronic, chemical,…),
  • Processes (mechanical, chemical, electronic, biotechnology…)…
Specialists in industrial property Annemasse

Entrust us with your project


Here are a few examples of patent or of patent applications filed by individuals or very small firms:

  • Girolle® for scrape cheese: EP81466
  • Luma® meat: EP2424389
  • Raclette heater: FR2712793
  • Phone battery recharging processe: FR2883428
  • Flyboard®: FR2980172
  • Watches intended to indicate astral informations: WO2014080257
  • Velcro®: CH359670
  • Smart card: FR 2266222
  • Carpooling verification and measurement device: CH704701
  • Music box movements: CH565425
Specialists in the patenting of inventions Grenoble


You can talk freely to the members of our network who are legally bound to secrecy (Article L 422-11 ICC and/or Article 10 LCBr and/or Article 2 RMDMA), but it is imperative that you abstain from disclosing your invention to anyone else, either orally, in writing or by any other means, otherwise your patent could be invalidated later…

To avoid this, it is also possible to have your interlocutors previously sign a confidentiality agreement.

Specialists in the patenting of inventions Lyon


How much is the filing of a patent application?

Contrary to what one might think, rare are the inventions which are simple to describe (in writing) and it is never easy to draft a patent application…

Even an invention “a priori” very easy to understand may require several description pages and a complex wording of claim…

Your patent expert may be seasoned and very experienced; he/she will still need hours and a lot of efforts to develop a satisfactory description of your invention and, worse still, claims which are valid…

It follows that it is unlikely that you get it with less than 3 000€ (taxes included), this amount could escalate rapidly if your invention is complex…

Specialists in the patenting of inventions Annecy

Other costs

  • The costs of filing a response to the preliminary search report (France),
  • presenting a request for examination (Switzerland),
  • designating the countries (Europe…),
  • will add to the cost of  deposit, a few months after it.
  • And, later still, the costs of proceedings (Europe),
  • a grant fee (France, Europe…),
  • annual maintenance fees (Switzerland, France, Europe)
  • and validation costs (Europe)…

Filing fee

For example, we find the following amounts:

Obviously, it will be necessary to increase these amounts for Switzerland where the cost of living is much higher.

To save you from unnecessary spending, we invite you to research yourself by using keywords, to see if your invention is “a priori” a new one on the free sites of publication of patents, including:

In Berne (Switzerland), you can also be assisted by a specialist in documentary research in the patent databases:

Specialists in the patenting of inventions Lyon

Time frame

he drafting of a patent application is a very time consuming activity.

Generally it takes about a month between the presentation of your invention to one of our patent advisors and the receipt of a draft patent application…

Of course, in cases of emergency, for example, in the case of imminent disclosure of your invention (Salon, exhibition…), we will implement all the measures to avoid a disaster…

Specialists in the patenting of inventions Grenoble


Finally, to distract you…
…Here is a list of films narrating stories of inventors or inventions to entertain you:

Specialists in industrial property Lyon


Any request, contact us

You will then be able to meet a member of Invention Angels® in Geneva.

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